Keeping the dollars in Oregon

The bridge program strengthened Oregon's transportation infrastructure while fostering economic growth by awarding the majority of contracts to area firms and contractors.

Bundling hundreds of bridge repairs and replacements into projects of one to 13 bridges created economies of scale that helped ODOT reduce overall costs. Bundles were big enough for large firms to bid on profitably, yet small enough that smaller local firms could successfully compete.

Of the 24 total prequalified prime contractors, only three were from outside Oregon, and just one of those non-Oregon primes received work on the bridge program. Of 190 total specialty subcontractors, 151 were based in Oregon. Eighty-five percent of all bridge program contracts were awarded to homegrown Oregon companies, creating and keeping jobs in Oregon.

The bridge program is extremely grateful to all of the consultants and contractors, primes as well as subs, who built the bridges that will keep Oregon's highway infrastructure strong for decades to come.

Note: This map illustrates the contract values of work awarded to Oregon companies only.

90.7% of contract payout remained in Oregon